Our refined product pipelines transport light refined products from HollyFrontier’s Navajo refinery in New Mexico and Delek’s Big Spring refinery in Texas to their customers in the metropolitan and rural areas of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, and Oklahoma and from various refineries in Utah, Wyoming, and Montana (including HollyFrontier’s Woods Cross refinery in Utah) to Las Vegas, Nevada and Cedar City, Utah. The refined products transported in these pipelines include conventional gasolines, federal, state and local specification reformulated gasoline, low-octane gasoline for oxygenate blending, distillates that include high- and low-sulfur diesel and jet fuel and liquefied petroleum gases (such as propane, butane and isobutane).

Our intermediate product pipelines consist principally of three parallel pipelines that connect HollyFrontier’s Lovington and Artesia facilities. These pipelines primarily transport intermediate feedstocks and crude oil for HollyFrontier’s refining operations in New Mexico. We also own pipelines that transport intermediate product and gas between HollyFrontier’s Tulsa East and West refinery facilities.

Our crude pipelines consist of crude oil trunk, gathering and connection pipelines located in West Texas, New Mexico, Kansas, Oklahoma, Utah and Wyoming that deliver crude oil to HollyFrontier’s Navajo, El Dorado and Woods Cross refineries as well as other unaffiliated refineries.

Our pipelines are regularly inspected. Generally, other than as may be provided in certain pipelines and terminal agreements, substantially all of our pipelines are unrestricted as to the direction in which product flows and the types of crude and refined products that we can transport on them. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission ("FERC") regulates the transportation tariffs for interstate shipments on our refined product and crude oil pipelines and state regulatory agencies regulate the transportation tariffs for intrastate shipments on our pipelines.